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Life Insurance In Stamford

The Potential Advantages Of Our Stamford Life Insurance

The Potential Advantages Of Our Stamford Life Insurance

Life Insurance Stamford CT

Life insurance is an important stepping stone in Financial Planning and offers significant benefits to policy holders. Many unknown benefits can be attained with the right life insurance other than the well-known death benefits of survivorship and estate tax mitigation.  Currently it is the only framework for individuals in the United States to generate income and capital growth free of all taxes. 

At Diddel & Diddel we structure insurance for our clients to create, in addition to traditional benefits:

  • college funding
  • personalized private pension plans
  • long term care funding
  • legacy funding
  • charitable giving

Talk to us today to learn the advantages of a Diddel & Diddel  Life insurance strategy. We have strategized a life insurance policy with options that have potential for you to obtain supplemental tax free income to take care of you and your family. Traditional life insurance loans and withdrawals may generate a tax liability if not properly structured. Contact us today to learn how Diddel & Diddel can structure your policy to work, grow, and be tax efficient for you and your family..

Stamford Life Insurance Planning

At Diddel & Diddel we know these distributions need to be carefully planned to ensure those funds remain tax-free throughout your lifetime.

Stamford Life Insurance Distributions

Cash surrender values may be accessed via policy loans and or withdrawals.

Tax Advantages of Our Stamford Life Insurance Strategies

Diddel & Diddel deploys unique tax-free wealth accumulation strategies that take advantage of the IRS guidelines that are specific only to life insurance policies.

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The Importance of Having Life Insurance

At every moment in time, life is full of inevitable circumstances. The hard part is that you cannot see them even with your wide-open eyes. 

It doesn’t matter how smart you are when it comes to predicting the future. A lot of things in life can go against your good intentions or best plans. When that happens, some of us are prone to experience some unexpected hardship in a sudden way. 

Now think about this. What happens after your exit? Think of what might become the fate of your family after your death. That’s the context in which the importance of life insurance seems so obvious to everyone. 

What Is Life Insurance?

It is a legal contract in which an life insurance company promises to pay a designated life insurance policy holder’s beneficiary a sum of money in the event of the policy holder’s death. The amount to be paid and the terms of payment are usually stipulated in the policy contract document. 

Depending on your choice, you can choose from either the termed life insurance or the whole life policy. Just like the name suggests, the former has a defined term while the latter is usually for the whole life of the insurance policy holder. 

Whether you are looking for Connecticut life insurance advisors or not, the following points clarify why people buy into such a financial contract. 

Benefits of our StamfordCT Life Insurance Policy

1: Replacement of Lost Income

If you are like most people, your family is very likely dependent on your income for survival and daily necessities. It doesn’t matter whether you are working as a paid employee or living as a self-employed individual, life is bound to become harder for your family if your income is lost in the event of death. 

Think about necessities like rent, food, and school fees. Your family might not be able to pay for these things when you pass away. We have strategized a life insurance policy with options that have potential for you to obtain suplimental tax free income to take care of you and your family.

2: Paying Off Your Debt 

Some types of debt will not go with you in the event of death. However, when you are no longer alive to take care of the debt as planned, this will add up to the hardship your family will experience. 

But then, you don’t have to wait for such a thing to befall your loved ones. Even when you don’t have kids, the debt you normally share with your partner will become harder to pay off when you are no longer alive. 

Now you are still alive, healthy, and working, a life insurance policy can help you plan for such scenarios. To get started with this, you may want to engage some experienced life insurance advisors in Stamford Connecticut to help you plan the best policy terms. 

3: Eliminate Stress

Stress is one thing that often threatens our sanity,  health, and even life as human beings. When there is insufficient money to take care of life’s unending necessities, our stress levels tend to go up. 

For instance, when there is insufficient money to take care of your burial expenses, it may add to the burden your family will face in addition to mourning your demise. 

While you are still alive and working, a life insurance policy plan will help to take care of those things without increasing financial distress for your family members. 

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