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Financial Planning In Stamford

Looking To Start Financially Planning For Your Future?

At Diddel & Diddel we are passionate about strategizing with our clients to create the perfect financial plan to achieve their lifestyle goals.  Financial resources are the enabler of most of those goals.  Like all things in life setting a plan and tracking progress significantly increases the chance of reaching those goals despite the inevitable detours that may occur. A financial goal has a time frame and can be quantified and should be expressed as enabling a lifestyle goal, e.g. comfortable retirement. The financial planning process will help you define, prioritize and quantify your goals. The plan is a base from which to make financial decisions, but the plan can and should change over time based upon changes in your personal circumstances.  Financial planning is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process. 

Our Financial Strategies Start With You

Our Financial Strategies Start With You

At Diddel & Diddel financial planning covers savings and investments; planning for retirement, education, emergencies, major purchases, and other financial goals and insurance needs.

  • It will help you define your financial goals
  • It will help you see whether your goals are realistic, especially for your timeline
  • It will identify changes that you need to make to improve your prospects of achieving your goals
  • It will allow you to measure your progress on your goals.
  • It will identify alternative ways to maximize your money
  • It will help you identify risks you had not anticipated
  • It will help you live more comfortably
  • It will help with Family Financial Planning

How We Work

We use state-of-art financial planning software to build a plan collaboratively with you.  We will build a base plan and add different scenarios to illustrate alternative goals and priorities.  We stress test the plan using different economic assumptions so that you know the realistic likelihood of achieving your goals.  We strongly recommend reviewing your plan at least on an annual basis to confirm your lifestyle goals and progress towards their achievement.

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