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Asset Management In Stamford

Active Asset Management

Directly we offer two alternative actively managed portfolios – a dividend based equity strategy, and an index volatility strategy.

Our Dividend Growth and Income Strategy provides income, less volatility and a preservation of capital value oriented style.  All portfolios are diversified across market sectors and consist of dividend paying equities of both large and mid-capitalization. The portfolio manager will also use government and high grade bonds, ETFs and cash to provide income, balance the portfolio and lower risk in adverse market conditions.  We have a long term approach to investing which minimizes both taxable consequences and transaction costs.

Our Index Volatility Strategy is based on proprietary research and an analytical model which harvests mis-priced volatility premiums and provides significant downside protection against extreme market shocks. It uses an average risk:cash ratio of 25% and has historically exhibited close to half the risk of the S&P 500 with zero correlation.

Strategic Investment Management

Strategic Investment Management

Diddel & Diddel’s Strategically Managed Portfolios focus on achieving your retirement or other long-term goals. They are built with the long-term in mind, and strive to produce results under all market conditions.  Some portfolios are provided by experienced third party money managers, others are managed in house by Diddel & Diddel.  We use a combination of best-of-breed ETF’s and mutual funds.  The strategies are offered for qualified accounts and in tax aware versions for non-qualified accounts, to optimize tax efficiency.

Let us Manage and Strategize Growth For Your Assets

Our mission is to eliminate your worry of financial instability, to help reduce taxes, and manage assets by utilizing numerous investment products and strategies. Diddel & Diddel offers two asset management styles; Active management and Strategic management with several different strategies.

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