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Baskets From Heaven 2019

Baskets from Heaven 2019

Made with care and love for those in need at Thanksgiving

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Baskets from Heaven 2019 - The finished product made with care and love

2016 Basket from Heaven 

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At Diddel & Diddel, we believe giving back to the community is key to our success. One of our most notable contributions to the community is our "Baskets from Heaven." The Baskets from Heaven were created by Scott “MadDog” Diddel. His vision was to extend kindness to families at a time of year when family means the most. Thanksgiving gave him the perfect opportunity to grow this vision.

The idea was simple: “Let’s fill a basket with enough food so no family will go hungry, while sharing it with their family and neighbors.” With the help of local businesses, generous donations from family, friends, clients, and a group of volunteers, Baskets from Heaven has donated hundreds of baskets each year for more than two decades during the Thanksgiving season. The baskets have brought hope and cheer to thousands of families and it is Diddel & Diddel’s intention to continue the kindness for many years to come.